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What Are E Cigarettes

You have probably heard of e cigarettes and are wondering what all of the hype is about them. They are one of the most promising products on the market to help smokers quit the smoking habit. When used correctly, they help to satisfy the craving for nicotine without some of the harmful side effects that come from smoking tobacco products.

The devices are shaped like a traditional cigarette and users inhale on them in the same manner. Many of them are even colored to look like an actual cigarette. They come in both reusable and disposable models so that people can try them out or, if they like them, invest in a higher quality model that will save them money over time.

Inside of the device is a small battery. In the disposable e cigarettes, the entire product is thrown away or discarded once the battery has run out of power. In the reusable models, it can be recharged. Most have the option of charging through a regular outlet or a USB charger. Many users like to have two batteries to ensure there is always one available with a charge.

The other component of e cigarettes is a small vial of liquid nicotine that is inside. When a person draws on the end of the device, the battery vaporizes a small amount of the nicotine. The vapor is inhaled, allowing the user to ingest the nicotine. In reusable models, the cartridge can be replaced once empty. The vials are available in different strengths to accommodate smokers of different habits.

In addition to varying strengths, most companies have a selection of flavors for people to choose from. The most common is menthol, preferred by those who smoked menthol cigarettes. However, businesses have also developed many other flavors, including berries and other fruits. There are options that taste like desserts and a host of other flavors. Some are even nicotine free for those who do not wish to consume nicotine but, still enjoy the sensation of having something to inhale.

With all of the options for e cigarette users, there are certainly many to satisfy the desires of virtually everyone. If you are considering using e cigarettes, you may want to begin with a disposable model to get an idea for how they work. Then, you can upgrade to a refillable model. You can then enjoy the vast selection of strengths and flavors available to you.