Mobile and Portable Car Lifts

Designed to be Mobile

The TAMAR Lift

The workhorse of the Strongman family, our Tamar scissor lift is fully mobile car lift, use it when its needed then store it out of the way.

Safe and secure lifting ..... this CE approved equipment has a pneumatic ratchet safety system, operates from a 240V single phase supply with 24V controls, and is delivered fully assembled - just hook up the hydraulic power unit. The Tamar has very flexible lifting arms to ensure the best possible lifting points to provide an exceptionally stable platform.

These lifts provide the ideal solution for any customer with restricted head height that may to work outside because the garage or workshop is too low to effectively raise a vehicle. Providing the base is concrete a Tamar mobile lift can be employed outside, it is easily moved into the yard. They are not weatherproof but can be quickly deployed, one man can move the unit with the help of the motor-control unit which doubles up as the movement handle! A drive-over, wheels free, lift this simple to use device has four flexible swing arms which can be fitted with rubber lifting blocks (available in various sizes). At just 1m wide, with arms that can extend out to a maximum 1520mm, this lift can accommodate a whole range of vehicles up to a maximum capacity of 2800 kg and lift them to 1.2m. Users may need to employ a couple of runners (scaffolding planks are ideal) either side to aid vehicle clearance when used as a drive over as ground clearance is 150mm. Please click here to read the article "Truly Mobile? Highly Versatile!" about the Tamar. This lift can be driven over, the lift arms extended and moved to locate the jacking points, or the lift can be pushed under a car from the side.

Tamar Lifts raise 2800kg to 1.2m and can be used in the yard

A detachable movement bracket attaches to the motor-control unit

"Runners" may be required to enable low cars to straddle the lift

...Lift Anywhere!...
The whole lifting solution is self contained, using generator power

The Clifton

Platform Scissor Lift

As well as the Tamar, the Stronman Clifton Platform Scissor Lift can also be moved around the workshop. Movement of this lift, from bay to bay for example, requires a little more planning..... Rather than simply attaching the movement bracket, as is the case with the Tamar. The Clifton needs to be raised, two wheels attached, then lowered to enable it to be moved. It is ideal in a Fast Fit environment and has been designed to be moved from bay to bay and be ready to lift in less than 5 minutes. Often employed as a spare ramp in larger workshops or to utilise previously redundant space by turning a corner of the workshop into a profitable additional bay.

The lift on the one of our Professional Conway Platform Scissor Lifts, the overall "Trailer Lift" solution isn't specifically a Strongman Product, it has been adapted for use at Trade Shows, but it works and there is nothing to stop you from having a go yourself.... we have indeed sold Tamar's to Rally Teams but they tend to use the winch on the trailer to load the lift to transport, park the car over the top and travel off to the next stage....... using a big sheet of steel to work off when lifting a car on mud!

Our CLIFTON Platform Scissor Lift is supplied with an optional mobility kit. If the requirement is for the lift to be occasionally reloacated then the Clifton is a viable option and has the advantage of unresticted centre access down the middle of the raised vehicle.

How difficult is it to move these lifts?

The Tamar weighs in at 380kg but is surprisingly easy to move. The motor-control unit acts as the movement handle, the trick is to push the hadle down as low as possible, raising the front of the lift off the floor and then push, or pull the lift. Moving around the workshop or garage, on a smoth concrete floor, is easy to master. The lift can be positioned for a car to drive over, bear in mind that for lower cars runners either side (possibly scaffolding planks) may be required - alternatively - if there is room the car can be left in position and the lift pushed under, at right angles, this is also effective to raise wider vehicles (those where the lifting points would be wider than 1.5m apart). Should you be moving the lift outside to use in the yard then help in the form of somebody assisting with a strop to pull at one end will ensure easy passage to your chosen location!

The Clifton has an optional movement kit, the wheels are attached to a raised lift and the platforms then lowered to the floor, which will then raise the lift sufficiently for it to be moved, this is certainly a 2 person job as the, wheeled, control unit has to be moved along with the ramp.

Moving the Tamar into position is a two minute job, it is also possible, using a block and tackle, to store the Tamar upright against the garage wall. Moving the Clifton takes five minutes, and two people, and generally this equipment is left in-situ, with a car parking over the top when not in use.